Movie Review of "3 Idiots" [ Japanese Title “All Is Well” ]


It is the word to describe this award-winning, three-hour-long epic Indian movie “3 Idiots”. I had known this movie title before, and in fact, I had watched the first 15 minutes but stopped watching it at the nasty scene of half-naked boys.

I watched this movie to the end last night. It became one of the most fantastic movies that I had ever seen. Here are several points which stood out in it.

  • Fantastic Script

  • Hilarious Characters

  • Fine Music and Dance

  • Beautiful Scenery

  • Clear Messages

The script was well written. All the threads running through the film were collected even at the minute level and culminated in the final scene. It was so impressive.

The three main characters, Farhan, Raju, and "Rancho",  were so hilarious along with a comical sub-character, Chatur. Rancho was so attractive unlike other engineering students as he was a genius pursuing knowledge with great passion. His romance was another important plot in the story.

Probably everyone who saw this movie would agree with me that the music and dance were so phenomenal and jaw-dropping. I just fell in love with the song “Zoobi Doobi”. I just kept watching it again and again even after the movie. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch it on Amazon Prime (you can watch it for free if you are an Amazon Prime member).

I was so surprised to see the beautiful scenery in India. This may be my prejudice, but I had a bad impression of India before. When I watched some Japanese TV programs related to India, the streets were overcrowded, dusty, and insanitary. In another word, it was “chaotic” in my mind. Contrary to my biased impression, this film showed me magnificent mountains and gorgeous rivers in India. The streets and the airport were so clean!

There are so many important life messages in this movie. For instance,

  • “Pursue excellence, then success will follow.”

  • “‘Love what you do', even more ‘do what you love’.”

  • “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

  • “Friendship is the precious gift in life.”


And of course, “All is well.”

When you take a step of faith, you have fear in your heart. If you follow the fear, your dream would be gone. If you follow the passion, your dream would come true. This movie has taught me “whatever happens in our life, everything is going to be all right”.

I’m so glad that I have met “3 Idiots”. I would probably see them many more times.

After all, all I can say is this,